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  • Le mercredi 24 novembre, la bibliothèque Ulm a le plaisir d'accueillir deux poètes américains - Barrett Watten & Carla Harryman - autour d'une lecture de textes poétiques en anglais. Cette rencontre a lieu dans le cadre du Symposium "Correlations & Conversations in Poetics" (24-25 novembre 2021), organisé par l'ENS, l'Université de Nanterre et le CREA (Centre de recherches anglophones). Ouverte à tous sur inscription et sous conditions d'accès, cette rencontre aura lieu dans la salle historique de la bibliothèque Ulm, de 19h à 20h.

  • Barrett Watten

    Création mondiale de ‘Notzeit (After Hannah Höch)’ 

    Barrett Watten is a language-centered poet and critic, the author of numerous volumes of poetry including Frame (1971-1990), Bad History, Progress/Under Erasure, and the recently completed Zone (Correlations, 1973–2021). With nine other poets, he collaborated on the ten volumes of The Grand Piano: An Experiment in Collective Autobiography, San Francisco, 1975–1980. His work in poetics includes Total Syntax, The Constructivist Moment: From Material Text to Cultural Poetics, and Questions of Poetics: Language Writing and Consequences. With Carrie Noland, he co-edited Diasporic Avant-Gardes; and with Lyn Hejinian, he is co-editor of A Guide to Poetics Journal: Writing in the Expanded Field, 1982-98 and Poetics Journal Digital Archive. He teaches at Wayne State University in Detroit, where he is a member of its Academy of Scholars. His website is; a video recording of his reading of “The Annotated Plan B” is available online at Philosopher au present:

    Carla Harryman

    Lecture d’extraits inédits de ‘Good Morning’ et ‘Cloud Cantatas

    An innovator in poetry, prose, and interdisciplinary performance, Carla Harryman is the author of twenty-four books of poetry, prose, plays, and essays. Her books include A Voice to Perform: One Opera/Two Plays (2020); Sue in Berlin and Sue á Berlin (2017); L’impromptu de Hannah, translated by Abigail Lang (2018), Adorno’s Noise (2008), Gardener of Stars: A Novel (2001), and two volumes of selected writing: Animal Instincts: Prose, Plays, Essays (1989) and There Never Was a Rose without a Thorn (1995). Open Box, a CD of music and spoken text performance created with composer and musician Jon Raskin was released by Tzadik in 2012.  A recording of Occupying Theodor W. Adorno’s ”Music and New Music,” originally performed at dOCUMEN­TA13,  is forthcoming as a collaboration between Harryman, Raskin, and percussionist-pianist Gino Robair. Her awards include the Foundation of Contemporary Art; Opera America Next Stage (with Erling Wold); and the Distinguished Faculty in Creative Activity Award from Eastern Michigan University. Her website is, and her performance of Good Morning is online at Philosopher au present:


    Lecture :

    • Date : Mercredi 24 novembre, à 19h (accueil des participants à partir de 18h45)
    • Lieu : Bibliothèque Ulm, Salle Historique, Accès par le 1e étage, Escaliers B-C
    • Conditions d'accès : Cartes d'étudiants ENS et Nanterre, Pass sanitaire pour les externes. Port du masque obligatoire
    • Inscription : Formulaire en ligne - Evénement complet


    • Date : Jeudi 25 novembre, de 10h à 18h30
    • Lieux : ENS Ulm, Université Paris Nanterre
    • Organisateurs : Hélène Aji (, Benoît Bondroit (, Naomi Toth (
    • Programme : Symposium "Correlations & Conversations in Poetics"